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Rough script

yeah, so, time to get on that next storyline-thing :P

Gonna get into the mad science some... guess the "cover" for this ought to be Adie in typical mad science getup? (standard laboratory, holding a test-tube, cackling evily, or somesuch. Perhaps a minion or two?)

What title? "Materials and Methods" ?

I admit, I'm a bit unsure how to go about this. I know what I want to happen and what I want to convey, but the actual dialogue is... fuzzy. To say the least.

(possible start dialogue)
Adie is trying to write (note, she stabbed her writing hand) and clearly the effort is difficult/painful.
Instinct: Stop that! Let it heal. You might even want to see a doctor.
Adie: It will be fine. It WILL do what I want.
Instinct: Even if you're prolonging the injury? Even if it heals wrong?
Adie frowns
Silvergrin grunts: Shouldn't a'stabbed it in the first place.
Adie: But... but I thought it was something like you'd do!
Silvergrin: Awww, ain't that sweet... just one thing though.
You're a weak little human, and you'd better work with it. Functionality is what's important. So baby your hand. And don't put yourself in this position again.
Adie: ...
Silvergrin:... and besides. I don't need to prove anything to anyone. Least of all myself.
Gina: may I interrupt your conversation with the chainsaw? (or some other amusing object)

Adie: Iaa! How did you get in here?
Gina: Same way I always do; the front door. Is it just me, or does this place get bigger every time I come over?
Adie: You act like you've been here more than once.
Gina: Well, I have. I've been monitering you're discoveries. I must say--
Adie: Aaaa! Die die die! *stabs gina with a banana*
They both look at the banana smeers.
Adie: That was supposed to be a knife in my pocket.
Gina: *leer* Well maybe you're just happy to see me (too obscure?)
Adie reaches for more weapons, we can see hand again grabbing something wildly inappropriate among piles of pointy things

Gina: Listen to me already!!! Your investors are impressed with your work, but can't figure out your proceedures. They want you to work in their lab for a while.
Adie: Why should I?
Gina: To keep getting money.
Adie: What do I want with money?
Gina: Well, how else do you intend to keep getting lab supplies?
Adie: Ha! I'll use the magic number like I have been.
Gina: Yes, well, if you want the magic credit card number to keep working, you'd better come to the lab and demonstrate your methods a bit.
Adie: Never!

*cut to Adie in a normal lab instead of her basment one*
Researcher: Rrrf, why aren't I getting any bands?!
Adie *squints at samples* your RNA's degraded.
Researcher: Wow, really? I thought I was extra-clean... Adie: Get a new bottle of ethanol.
Researcher: Huh. Anyway, what do you think of the model?
Adie: What model?
Researcher: You know, Bla3 and Bla4 are co-receptors for Spu7.
Adie: ... *looks at bottle labled Spu7* *adds a drop of Bla3 and Bla4 antibodies to culture* *adds some Spu7* *is humming like aliens*

Researcher: O-o What are you doing?
Adie looks at cells. "Bla4's a receptor for Spu7. Bla3 is a cofactor, it is phosphorulated by Bla4 when binding Spu7. There's also another cofactor, and an inhibitor."
Researcher: "Wha? How do you know that?"
Adie: "Just look at it! It's all there!"
Researcher: (thinks: they said she was eccentric and to humor her...) "Uh... why don't you show me. With, like, a western blot."
Adie: "Why? That's so tedious. I have other things to do."
Researcher: *clearly humoring someone who's nuts* "Well, I can't seeee things like you do, I need to see it really obvious on paper! Please?"
Adie: Mmph. Fine.

*work montage*
Adie: here.
Researcher: Wow! And you were right! These are amazingly clear! This is amazing, we could publish this!
Adie grunts
Researcher is nonplussed for a moment: "Yes, well, okay. There's another really complicated system we've been looking at... there's this protein Nrf2 that translocates to the nucleus to activate anti-oxidant gene transcription when phosphorylated by Keap1... want to know if methamphetamine activates Nrf2 transcription..."
Adie: I don't care about that!!! I'm not interested in the way things are! It's perfectly obvious! It's how to make new things, that's the trick! Getting all these complex systems to do something new, something you want!
Researcher: Are you talking about genetic engineering.
Adie: To an extent.
Researcher: What about all the ethical issues?
Adie: ...

Researcher: Well, uh, hey. You work really hard. I haven't seen you leave since you got here three days ago, or even take a lunch break!
Adie: I haven't.
Researcher: Uh... aren't you hungry?
Adie thinks. Adie: AAA! I'M STARVING!!!!
Researcher: !! Ok, well I've got a sandwich in the office fridge and there's a cafeteri-
Adie: NO TIME! MUST RESORT TO CANNIBALISM!!! *grabs researchers arm and chomps down*

Next scene. Adie's back in her old lab.
Gina: The company says you don't have to go in to their lab anymore. In fact, they said you shouldn't. With a restraining order.
Adie blissfully goes about her work.

Rough script done! Now it needs editing...
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