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If you are reading this, chances are I know you and you know me and it's all good and you don't need to read this!!!

However, for the odd wanderer blown here by an errant electron current, I shall explain this a little.

I hope for this to be my editing community :) I made it to try to improve the quality of my stories and comics. I intend to post character sketches, plot bunnies, story arches, scripts, random questions, etc here for members to view and critique. As I said, I hope this will improve the quality of my stories and keep me from wasting time on stupid ones/encourage me to go with ones that I am afraid people won't like or understand. This is something new I am trying, so I don't know if it will work out!

Stuff you may want to know but are afraid to ask:

"Who are you? What do you draw?"
I have a lot of nicknames, so I'll just link ya to my art. Currently I have a silly ongoing comic that is "flagrently inspired" by JTHM. I call it ATHM (why hide it?) and it is located here. I have a more original/more serious comic that I hope to make weekly and ongoing as well, Josh and Mike. Right now I've only drawn out one storyline for them, and it is here. I also do a lot of random art... I've got a very out-of-date artsite here. Finally, my general art LJ, where I post everything I make these days, is silvergrin.

"How's this for a suggestion? Include my character in your comic!"
Erm. I'm not annoyed by the ocassional polite request for free art, but chances that I'll do it are slim to none. Same goes for character suggestions. Suggest away, it never hurts to populate a world with more potential characters. However, chances that I'll use it are again very small, and if I do actually incorporate him/her/it, it probably wouldn't be for years. Yep, years. I have a lot of stories in backlog.
But here's the real kicker -- for me to put your character in one of my stories/comics/worlds, it will have to become my character. For one, I am not you. There is no way I could perfectly make what is in your head. For another, I only like to have characters with problems, bad sides, imperfections, etc. That's what makes them interesting! So if you're character is Teh Perfect, and you actually give it over to me, the wings are getting cut off. Er, metaphorically, not necessarily literally. :) Also, I may only find a small part of your character interesting and only take that... I'll try to ask permission before doing any of this, of course, but keep this in mind before asking me. Also, I'd want to be able to distribute, print, publish (if I ever get to that stage, ha ha) as I see fit, so if you have any sort of "well you can use my character but I want 50% of all profits from stories it's in" or "don't publish the character without my permission" strings then please don't tell me about your character at all. Currently I don't make ANY money from comics nor publish anything, but I don't ever want to have to worry about that stuff should strange things come to pass. But I would be happy to mention you in credits somewhere :)

"I'm looking in the journal, but I don't see much?"
That's because it's members only!

"Sounds like fun! So, how do I get access to all this?"
Read what I'm doing. Email me. Tell me what you think of my work... what you like, what you think could use improving, etc. No promises I'll let ya in, but like I said, I don't mind people asking. If I do let you in, I would expect you to say stuff sometimes, not just lurk forever. ;) (If I know you then just ask to join the community, or leave me an LJ comment, or email me... I'd be happy to add ya!)

"If I'm in, can I discuss stuff you post with other people?"
This isn't TOP SECRET (unless I say otherwise) but I don't exactly want this spread around, hence why all the posts will be viewable to members only. You can discuss stuff with your friend or elder god or whatever, just don't scream it from the top of the mountains (or tell someone who will do likewise).

"What if I take all your plots and tell the world about them and generally try to ruin the suprises for anyone following your comics? What would you do about that, huh?!"
Well then! You just might suck! :P Life's too short for me to care overly much or make any silly threats, much less try to see them through. But you will not be privvy to such information again. And I won't like you. And you'd suck!